Farewell Jewel Kade

jk-collageYour Charmed Life (YCL) was the team name of the first and largest Jewel Kade (JK) independent sales team. The YCL fan page, website and newsletter were created to promote JK products and help grow the JK brand. As a result, the content was designed to be utilized by anyone under the JK umbrella.

Throughout the JK journey – from the humble beginnings of the first small meeting to larger efforts, the growth of JK and the growth of the YCL distribution team were one in the same.

For more than 5 Years, Sophia Fisher, Black Diamond Leader, and her husband Paul developed content to promote the products Janet Kinkade created and the company she founded. It was with great disappointment we learned JK would close their doors Dec. 26, 2014. We wish only the best to everyone in their future endeavors.

In the midst of turmoil, Sophia Fisher found a fertile ground to transplant herself and many on her team. She is “blooming where she is planted” with a company named jBloom Designs, located in St. Charles, MO.

Sophia’s passion for a meaningful product, combined with her tenacious spirit to share with those she cared about, proved to be infectious. Several top leaders joined forces with Sophia, including Julie Shangle and Sharol DeGroot, both fellow Black Diamond Leaders with JK.

These women believe their “dream team” will make history as they help grow the jBloom brand. We are very excited for what’s to come!

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